Based in Nashville, TN, roots-rock band Glass Cabin was formed by studio musician David Flint and singer/songwriter Jess Brown. After a decade of co-producing other artists, the two began collaborating on their own project at the onset of the pandemic, resulting in the self-titled debut album, "Glass Cabin," and the release of their first single and official video, "Pray For Me, Pray For You." The full album is scheduled to be released October 1st, 2021.

As a writer for Almo/Universal and EMI, Brown worked primarily in country and Americana, writing songs for artists like Lee Ann Womack (A Little Past Little Rock), Trisha Yearwood (I Need You), John Michael Montgomery (Cover You In Kisses), Sara Evans (I Learned That From You), Trace Adkins and Julie Roberts (Break Down Here) which the New York Times called “an instant classic.” With more than 25 gold and platinum certifications, inclusion in the Top 100 Road Songs and several Grammy and CMA nominated albums, his songs appear on over 25 million cds. 

Both hailing from upstate New York and nearby Catskill Mountains, a longtime folk music hotspot, Flint was a founding member and lead guitarist with country rock band, Billy Montana and the Longshots, which led to them signing an artist deal at Warner Brothers Records with legendary Martha Sharp, Warner’s VP at the time, in charge of finding new talent. Flint later decided to move to Nashville, touring with numerous groups, most notably the hit country group Highway 101, before turning his attention to producing and studio session work.


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Americana roots-rock band based in Nashville, TN.

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By Laura Klondowski - Music and Tour News

Americana/country duo Glass Cabin consisting of Jess Brown and Dave Flint are ready to take the scene by storm with the release of their powerful new single ‘Pray For Me, Pray For You’ which delivers deep, thought-provoking lyrics overlayed with a gorgeous folk drenched sonic backdrop that deftly weaves between country rock and Americana. 

The track is acting as the lead release off the pairs forthcoming studio album which is slated to drop next year with the record expected to include an eclectic fusion of genres such as rock, country, folk, roots, and Americana which collide to create a stylistic LP that is 100 percent their own. 

And it is a rousing introduction to the LP thanks to the overlay of electric guitar, banjo, mandolin, thumping drums, and luscious vocal harmonies that are steeped in old-school rock tradition. ‘Pray For Me, Pray For You’, is a wonderful way to kick-off this album campaign, and allows for Glass Cabin to deliver a little taste of what’s to come. 

With the official music video, the duo have put together a truly beautiful piece of art that brings to life the struggle of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic showing how it has temporarily shut down the world as health experts find ways to slow the spread and get the virus under control. It is a touching, emotive visual.


Glass Cabin Self-Titled Self Release

 Nashville based Americana duo Glass Cabin is the brain child of successful songwriter Jess Brown and session musician David Flint.  A Grammy nominated song writer, Brown has written songs for Sara Evans, Lee Ann Womack, Trisha Yearwood and Julie Roberts. Flint’s previous life included co-founding country rock band Billy Montana and The Longshots, together with being a hired hand for numerous touring bands including Highway 101. His more recent work has been as a producer and studio session player at his home studio outside Nashville. 

Having worked together on albums for other artists, Nashville neighbours Brown and Flint decided to use some of the downtime imposed on them by the pandemic, to write and record their own album. The end result is a hugely rewarding eight-track record, which fuses country rock and folk, with a somewhat left of centre gothic edge.

 A plucked banjo and pounding drums open Hey O. What follows is a chanted recital, complete with handclaps, which sets the theme for some equally dark tunes that come next. Pray For Me and Opportunity also lean heavily into mysterious territory with rolling rhythms, handclaps, and cleverly overdubbed harmonies, all adding to the bewitching atmosphere. They take the foot off the gas on the slow burners Crazy Missing You and Feel Again before tailing off the album with the spiralling Final Day.

The end result is a hugely rewarding eight-track record, which fuses country rock and folk, with a somewhat left of centre gothic edge.

 This is hard edged heartland Americana at its finest. Dreamlike songs of unease and unrest play out like chapters from a Daniel Woodrell country noir novel, by a duo not afraid to challenge the tried and trusted.

Review by Declan Culliton



"Thirsty Thursday" Featuring Glass Cabin 

Thank you so much Jess for chatting with us today!

Mary Ann: What was the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given about pursuing a career in music?

Jess: When my new father-in-law asked me what I wanted to be. I told him I wanted to be a writer...maybe a journalist, a novelist or a songwriter. Maybe an actor or director. Maybe a playwright like Sam Shepard. He told me to pick one- just one of them- and focus all my energy on that one thing. He said, "when sunlight is focused through a magnifying glass, it will always start a fire." 

Mary Ann: Looking back, what was the first album or “vinyl” you bought?

Jess: It was Neil Young's "After the Gold Rush" in a music shop in Rhinebeck, New York. I immediately started learning "Only Love Can Break Your Heart," "Birds," "Southern Man...all of them." I'm still a big Neil Young fan. 

Mary Ann: If you could have penned a song in a different genre what would it have been?

Jess: The Nashville Songwriter's Association - a great organization - has this thing where you pick songs you wished you had written so let's see..there's so many - Childish Gambino's "Redbone," "Ain't No Sunshine" by Bill Withers, "Lose Yourself" Eminem, all of Sam Cooke, and "On The Street Where You Live," from My Fair Lady. 

Mary Ann: What is one thing you can tell us that most people don’t know about you and might surprise us?

Jess: I lived out of my car for quite a while, then in the woods. I tell my kids that I was a 'nomadic man about town.' My son said, "So you were homeless." Ha! 

Mary Ann: What’s the best advice you have ever gotten from another musician?

Jess: I was an unknown, unsigned writer when I got to Nashville. I went to see Allen Shamblin ("I Can't Make You Love Me," "The House That Built Me") in a writer's round at the Bluebird Cafe. He was kind enough to offer some advice. He said 'write every day, all day, because a lot of pro writers take 3 to 4 hour lunch breaks and skip writing every day.' That really hit me - to treat writing like when I used to frame houses. I found my 24 ounce framing hammer, put it on my writing desk as a reminder of hard work, and then I'd sit in that chair with my guitar - six days a week, sometimes seven, 10 hours a day, then l'd lay tracks into the night at my friend's studio. It paid off. I had my first hit in a year. 

Mary Ann: Best food that comes in a can?

Jess: King Oscar Wild Caught Sardines, Mediterranean Style. 

Mary Ann: Home cooking or going out for dinner?

Jess: Well, I'm married to a Sicilian, so I'm partial to her cooking. Not only is she beautiful but her baked ziti is the best, and she could open her own restaurant with her fish tacos. My dad's family are from Virginia so I love cornbread but I'd put my wife's cornbread up against any of my relatives. 

Mary Ann: What is the best dish you ever had?

Jess: When I was in the military, three friends and I went camping along the Big Thompson River near Estes Park, Colorado. We got up early to fly fish and caught these beautiful rainbow trout that we cleaned and grilled right there over a wood fire, along with a pan of scrambled eggs. To this day I can still remember the taste of that trout, with eggs and campfire coffee. 

Mary Ann: What’s on your pizza? Do you fold your pizza or eat it straight on? Ranch or no ranch?

Jess: Extra cheese.! Coming from New York, I love pizza, and if it's thin crust I fold it. Every town back home has a family owned pizza parlor, like La Bella's in Kinderhook, NY. Ask for Tony. 

Mary Ann: Finally, if you could be sponsored by one food/drink brand who would it be and why?

Jess: That's a tough one. I gave up soda and haven't had hard liquor in a long time...just coffee and wine. But I remember what it's like to wish I had a hot meal. This company, The Soulful Project makes delicious, hearty cup packs of hot cereal with oats, grains and fruit, and for every one sold, they give one to a local food bank that they're partnered with around the country. 


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