1. Opportunity
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I was down and out
It was breakin' real bad
It was lookin’ like
Nothin’s all that I had
Droppin’ outta my head
Till the knockin’ at my door

Then I heard the lock
As it rattle and fell
Like a twist of fate
Baby, hard to tell
I could turn away
Like I did before
With opportunity at my door

Ch: Yeah I know, I heard a knockin’
Heard a knockin’ at my door
Yeah, my body, my body’s rockin'
With opportunity at my door...yeah

Livin’ gets tough
Trouble fillin’ your head
Gotcha thinkin' that
That you’re better off dead
Just a little push, getcha outta that bed
Opportunity at your door

Like a stroke of luck
Could be all it takes
Getcha unstuck
That can make ya or break
Take your best shot
Give the gods a good shake
Opportunity at my door

Repeat chorus...Opportunity at my door

(c) 2020 Jess Brown, RIG Songs