1. Drowning Pool
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Drowning Pool

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Drowning Pool

On and on, the game it goes on and on
Don’t know where I belong
Or if I do
Odd man out, can’t seem to say a word out loud
Inside you can hear me shout
What is true

And you hear the goodbye
And you try to deny
That you’re breaking inside
Cause you know

Ch You feel the deep end of a drowning pool
All the breath forced from you
When you let go
It leaves you the victim of a crying game
Caught out in the pouring rain
When you let go

Line by line, go over it in my mind
Remember every single sign
When she was there
You know there’s no one else
Nothing you do seems to help
And then you start to feel yourself

And you try to avoid
Try to quiet the noise
That keeps filling the void
When you know

Repeat chorus -

Ahhh, ahhh, ahhh, ahhh

Br And all you say
You couldn’t seem to make her stay
She just walked away
Just walked away

Repeat chorus -